Carolina Wolves Rosters






The mission of the Wolves is to bring an Elite Basketball Program to the Carolinas and develop our players into not only outstanding basketball players but outstanding and responsible young men. Getting our players the experience and tools necessary to play D1 basketball and excel in their academics is our ultimate goal. We offer a program, which will develop and improve individual as well as team skills, promote good sportsmanship, team spirit, and encourage club loyalty. The Carolina Wolves demands a high degree of ethical conduct by all its coaches, players, volunteers, and parents so that it provides a good example for the community, opponents, and its participants, thus helping their growth to adulthood. By accomplishing these goals, the Carolina Wolves will provide our players with additional exposure to the game of basketball thereby enhancing their opportunity to play at the junior high and high school level or beyond. The Carolina Wolves will always stress the importance of grades and how important education is to one’s success.


We believe that basketball is a vehicle that provides the opportunity to teach many life lessons to young adults. Our basketball journey begins by identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, life lessons are taught — more specifically, the values of hard-work, sacrifice and commitment. Our athletes quickly learn that without consistent application of these values, no progress will occur.  Although we strive to be highly competitive, we are not interested in coaching just “any” player, notwithstanding their talent level. However, we will attempt to “move mountains” for a young man who listens, is humble enough to accept instruction and who works tirelessly to achieve his goals. We believe that If you practice hard — and the right way — it will translate into positive results in game situations and life.